The admin router is the default IP address used to log into the basic and WiFi Routers. This default IP address is basically known as the Host Address to access the modem and router configuration. If you are also looking forward to completing the admin router login process, this post can help you. Here, we are going to share the simple guidelines that can help you in the setup and configuration of the router using the default IP address. So, read on and proceed with the simple steps to do the task. 

How to login to the setup wireless routers? 

If you want to login to the IP address for router setup, you need to type this address manually in the web-browser. All you need is to type it in the URL bar of the browser and hit the button. After this, you will be directed to the router login interface. 

Most of the users are able to reach the interface without any issue. However, there are some users that encounter trouble when the device prompts them to enter the password. Here are the step by step guidelines you can follow to log in to the router: 

  • First, manually type the in the browser’s address bar, Hit the Enter button and you will be landed on the router login page. 
  •  Now, you need to enter the login information, type the default username, and password there.
  • Once you have entered the details, you will be directed to the Admin Dashboard. 
  • As an alternate, you can also click on the button present just above and you will be directed to the login page itself. 
  •  For most of the routers and modem, the default username and password is ‘admin’.

So, follow these simple steps and login to your router without any trouble. You can also check for the default values in the user-manual. Once you are on the Dashboard, you can make the changes in router settings as per your preference. Admin Sign in

What to Do If Forget The Username And Password?

If you have not changed the Username and Password: Follow these steps: 

  • Although, the default username and password for the router or modem is provided by the manufacturer. You can check for the details on the sticker on the backside of your router where the serial number and other information is present. 
  • In case, you are unable to find the details there, you can also check the router user manual to know the default login credential information. 

If you have changed the Username and Password, but forgot: Follow the steps below

  In such a situation, you can reset the router to its factory default settings. All you need is to find the reset button on your router.  The reset button will help you to reset the router to its default factory settings. 

  • Find the reset button on the router.
  • Now, use it pin or paper clip you need to press this button. Press and hold the button for about 20 seconds. 
  • You can also use the pointy thing like a toothpick to press the reset button. 
  • Once the router restarts, you have to enter the IP address of the router again. Type login admin and type the username and password again to setup again. 

When you restore the device to its factory default settings, it will remove all the previously made changes in your router. Make sure that you keep the ISP handy to get connected to the internet again. 

Still Unable to Access the Router Login Page? 

The firewall could be the reason 

There are chances that your Firewall might be blocking your router access.  You need to check if the separate firewall has been installed as the security. You can temporarily disable the firewall to deal with the problem. Just make sure that you reactivate it again once you are done with the process. However, the Windows firewall could not be the reason because it allows accessing the router in the default setting without any trouble. 

Check Parental Control

Another possible reason that might not let you access the router login page is to installed parent control software on your device.  The parent control may block access.

Browser Blocked Access 

The other possible reason that you are unable to access the router login page could be your web browser settings that are preventing access.  You can make the change in the settings of your web browser or you can switch to another one to complete the task. 
So, these are some simple steps that can help you log in to the router following the admin router IP address. The mentioned steps are simple and easy to follow. Setup the router and enjoy seamless internet connectivity through every corner of your home.